Print monitoring and security system

Scheme of work

Server and database

Information about print devices in user’s company



Server and database

Print devices information

Monitoring agent
Сервер и база данных
Данные об устройствах печати в организации пользователя
Сервер и база данных
Данные об устройствах печати
Агент мониторинга

Monitoring capabilities

Remote monitoring via cloud service

In small company or geographically separated branches of big company, print management can be carried out with the help of a standalone monitoring agent, that transmits all collected data in a compressed and encrypted form through Internet into a cloud -there is no need to install and maintain hardware and expensive system software at the site or in a separate branch of your organization.

Automatic detection of printing devices in your local area network

It is enough to connect new printer to your computer network, and its mark and model will be determined automatically.

Periodic collection actually parameters of print infrastructure devices

From all devices of the printing infrastructure, the monitoring system collects data about their condition, level of resources, the number of printed pages, which allows to accurately determine the cost of printing and the intensity of use of your devices.

Display of diagram and preparation of reports on collected parameters

Collected data on the status of print infrastructure devices can be presented by diagram and reports, which allows you to track changes in certain parameters online and get statistics on availability and usage.

Management abilities
of user access to devices
Tasks can be sent only to devices, which are allowed to user.
Differentiation of user’s permissions to print on various devices:
The administrator can restrict user allow to print devices:
  • depending on the user’s status;
  • depending on the position in the staff structure (belonging to department);
  • depending on contents of printed document;
  • depending on the total cost of all documents printed by the user for a period.
Flexible setting of rules for using print devices:
  • by volume of the document – volume tasks can be automatically sent to devices with a high output speed;
  • by the cost of print – high-cost printing tasks can be automatically sent to devices with a low cost of print;
  • based on user permissions – tasks can be sent only to devices which are allowed to the user.
User authentication before start of printing on device:
The user should approach the printing device and identify himself with ID (for example, by personal plastic card) or other similar method to ensure that printing only begins after the user is ready to take their printing list from printing device, thereby reducing the risk of non-authorized access this printed document into other employees and eliminating the need for re-printing.

Users functionality

  • Compatibility with different platforms
  • Transparent embedding in Windows OS as a print device driver
  • Accessible via browser web-based interface for other operating systems
  • Special mobile application to printing from your smartphone
  • Follow me function: print on user identified device
  • Printing on any unused device (load balancing)
  • Print on nearest to the user device
  • Support for different authentication options on your device

Abilities of access protection and printing control

Setting up rules of documents modification before start printing
  • Adding text, images and watermarks

    Messages about its confidentiality and restrictions can be added to the document, in addition the quality of printed images can be reduced to hide fine details.

  • Adding information about the user, date of printing, document size and other print settings

    The information about the number of pages and about the user who sent this document to print, the date and time of printing and all agreed to this printout users can be automatically added to the printed document.

  • Abilities to replace or delete text which containing stop words or phrases

    All confidential information can be automatically replaced or deleted before printing.

  • paper

Storage of all sent to print documents in one archive

All sent to print documents can be stored in one
archive for further subsequent analysis in
case of need to investigate incidents.

  • Integrity control and encryption data before sending to the print device
    • – addition of the digital signature allows to detect unauthorized change of the document before printing;
    • – encryption excludes an unauthorized access to your information.

  • Print tasks that contain signs of restricted access
    information may require prior authorization from special person,
    for example - information security office, in case:

    • – for documents there is larger by allowed size;
    • – for documents containing specified stop words,
      phrases or high quality images;
    • – for print tasks from
      individual users or departments.