Print Management System

Monitoring and Security

Developed by Katusha IT LLC. Made in Russia.

Own development Katusha IT LLC

software “Monitoring and Security”
is the first fully functional printing equipment
control system, created in Russia.

Key advantages

over similar systems
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    The distributed architecture of system (cloudy configuration)

    Allows to place resource-intensive system components on powerful equipment in a cloud and to provide his power as service, without demanding from the end user of purchase and support of the expensive hardware and software for work of your system.

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    Expanding a lot of supported devices without update software components

    Adding new models of supported print devices can be done by the system administrator without having to update or reinstall the software components of your system.

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    Modification of the document before printing

    Allows you to provide information protection requirements from unauthorized access when printing by adding significant technical information about the document, such as: the author of this document, the number of pages, the list of persons who agreed to print, the date and time of printing, warning text about the restrictions of the contents of this printed document on distribution.

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    Horizontal system scalability for load balancing

    In the case of an increase in volume of the printing infrastructure, it is possible to clone some or all system components on new hardware capacity to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your system.


The complexity of timely maintenance of the print infrastructure due to the lack of means of rapid collection of information about devices:
  • exhaustion of consumables becomes known in fact, when printing is no longer possible
  • fault s becomes known with delay when complaints of employees arrive
  • there is a high error in planning the procurement of consumables
  • lack of reporting tools
Unreasonably high cost of maintenance of the print infrastructure due to lack of necessary user control:
  • large documents are printed on devices with a high cost of a print
  • black and white documents are printed on color printing devices
  • printing is performed at an excessively high resolution
  • users submit the same documents to print again and again needlessly
  • a large proportion of non-target printing (for the personal needs of users)
Uncontrollable dissemination of confidential information due to the lack of necessary monitoring of printing documents process:
  • printed document may be in foreign hands while some user is accessing to printing devices
  • confidential documents can be printed without necessary permissions
  • there is no possibility to identification the user who has printed the document


Features of architecture

Modular principle of system design
Control agent

Stand-alone program module which operates print tasks depending of user permissions, and corporative rules by using print devices, and print coordination rules by the employee’s information security, and rules by documents modification before.

Monitoring agent

A stand-alone program module that searches and polls all print devices in a LAN segment. It can be installed in remote territorially branches of your company, and also it is used in case of a cloudy option of system. It does not require expensive hardware and software, it can be installed on an ordinary.

User interface component

This component, which displays information about the print infrastructure to users, provides configuration and control of print management rules, allows you to receive reports and statistics. User Interface component displays information based on the user’s status and permissions. It can be placed in the cloud and supports horizontal scaling and load balancing.

Service Components

Modules for technical purposes: integration modules, drivers, temporary data stores.

Components on print devices

Embedded in your print device, the system modules providing control of user access to printing devices and enables to control the scanning and copying of documents.

Business logic component

A component that realized all entire computing logic of system. It can be placed in a cloud and supports horizontal scaling and load balancing.

Data storage component

A database management system component that stores all system data and interacts with other system components for data exchange. Can be hosted in a cloud and supports horizontal scaling and load balancing.

User interface elements

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